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Rob and Katy
Rob and Katy

Please join us for our wedding celebration on


We're getting married! We are so excited to have you all there on our big day. The main thing for us is to have the best time with the people we love... YOU!

For those who may not know our story, it began in October 2016 at the Guildford School of Acting, where we met as fresh new students - Rob had just returned from Camp America, while Katy had recently finished sixth form. Though it took some time, Rob was smitten with Katy from the start. By November 5th that year, after a romantic date of doing laundry and going to Tesco, they shared their first kiss watching the fireworks together.

Katy was in her "I'm not looking for a relationship right now" phase, a sentiment all her friends understood as a sign that the love of her life was just around the corner.

Fast forward to April, Rob and Katy embarked on their first official date. They attended a screening of Dirty Dancing in celebration of its 30th Anniversary, where Rob surprised Katy with a heart-shaped balloon. Following the movie, they enjoyed a delicious pizza at a restaurant in Leicester Square. As the evening unfolded, they leisurely strolled back to Waterloo, relishing the city's charm and each other's company.

This was the just the beginning...